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DARK CAVE – Eddie and Isaiah had normal lives. Though when they find themselves on their own real – life adventure, it takes some twists and turns that are far from normal. They unknowingly stumble onto a small city where Unseen Zombies lurk. What is worse than a zombie that wants to eat you? A zombie that is invisible, which makes for a difficult and frightening journey. Though when the boys find they have a way to see the zombies, it changes the game completely. With the help of a few terrifyingly well – trained zombie killers, they have the chance to uncover   secrets, and end a life of terror for the entire city. Eddie and Isaiah are both finding out how grateful they are for their “normal” lives. While fighting their way through the days and nights in Welchville, they will have many decisions to make. Who do they trust? Who wants to kill them? Or, will they survive?                                                                                                                                                  .


LITTLE ED: BOOK OF SHORT STORIES –  A fun filled book of short stories adults and children will love. It introduces Little Ed, a miniature horse and all his animal friends. Written with the goals to entertain children, teach valuable life lessons and to bring families together through reading. This book includes a bonus coloring book and an interactive website where readers can view the real animals they’re reading about, post pictures they’re coloring and even make story suggestions for upcoming books. Published by Movement Publishing.



LITTLE ED:  ZOO VISIT –  The second book in a collection of Little Ed titles. As in the first title Little Ed (Book of Short Stories), it includes a webpage where readers can view pictures of the real animals they’re reading about, leave suggestions for upcoming books and post pictures they color.
In the first story Zoo Visit, the farmer and his nephew bring Little Ed along on a visit to the zoo. During their visit, they meet an interesting woman and her grandchildren. It seems to be a normal day at the zoo, however the visit doesn’t go quite as they thought it would. It turns out to be anything but normal when a mysterious man creates a great deal of trouble. It will be a wild, funny and crazy day for sure.
In the second story (Poor Little Ed), Little Ed gets a sore hoof, which causes him pain. Many of the farm animals get worried, but are unable to help him. His blacksmith Lori and her daughter Cheyanne come to the farm to help. Gunther, the farmer’s neighbor overcomes his fears to help Lori and Cheyanne. Published by Movement Publishing.

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ADULT COLORING with FUN FACTS – By 13yr. old author Isaiah Jones; Co-author B. T. Jones. This 13-yr. old author enjoys adult coloring books, but not the adult content that many of them have. He set his goal to create an adult coloring book that is appropriate for all ages; despite having severe learning disabilities (SLD), he worked hard and achieved his goal. He created this book with dozens of unique Halloween designs that ensure something for every skill level. This wonderful Halloween edition also includes several Fun Facts about Halloween. The history of Halloween, the largest pumpkin on record and many more interesting Halloween facts. Sit back, relax and choose from any of the dozens of designs and patterns that include spiders, witches, bats, sculls and many other unique Halloween designs. Each coloring page is on a separate sheet. A wonderful book adults and children can both enjoy. Published by Movement Publishing.